About Me

Hi I’m Corrin

The dictionary defines Ambition – an earnest desire for some type of achievement and the willingness to strive for its attainment.

Ambition in Life

I like to think this phrase slightly defines me as a person; I’m always aspiring to live a better life for our family.

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The Beginning

I joined the US Navy at 17 years old, leaving my home in California, for a crazy new adventure. During my 8 years, I put my best foot forward, enjoying all the navy had to offer. I can tell you more about life in the military, deployments on an aircraft carrier, especially being a girl, later…

After the navy, I did what any normal kid wants to do, I went to college at 26 years old and earned an Associates in Photography. Only then did I realize, photography is a great hobby that I love, but not a career. Returning to my navy experience, made me feel at home again. I continued college, this time earning a Nuclear Energy Engineer Technology Bachelor degree, which landed a promotion and eventually a better paying job.

I like to look back at all those deployments trying to do college; being tired, and using my textbook as a pillow instead. If that’s not ambition to earn a college degree while, floating around on a ship, than I don’t know what is.

A New Adventure

Rewind a few years to when I got out of the navy and started dating my husband, Mike. I say started dating because I met him in the navy, and boy was he cute, but off limits as a junior sailor. As he likes to tell the story “I robbed the cradle”, even though he is older than me! More on that another day…

Mike and Corrin








Mike’s navy adventures took us from Virginia to upper state New York, where we had our daughter, Evelyn. For 6 months of her life she was in daycare while I worked, mainly to set us up for when Mike got out of the navy and transitioned to another job. This transition landed us in Washington and has allowed me to become a stay at home mom.

My New Life as a Stay at Home MOM

Someone once said being a stay at home mom is the most important job in the world and I’m scared everyday that I’m doing it wrong. So I’m constantly looking for advice and tips from friends and family to ensure my self doubt is delusional. I feel we are always ‘new’ moms in every situation and can always use support. I want to share my experiences and everything I’ve learn while  enjoying life’s precious moments with my little one.

Two Australian shepherds Corrin and her baby in lap







Join me on my ambitious journey as I discover how to provide a better life for our family through daily activities, cooking and baking yummy recipes, fitness, I did mention that Mike does triathlons, with the occasional chaos thrown into the mix.

To sum it all up I am:

  • A Mom
  • A Wife
  • A Friend (always here to lend an ear)
  • A Cheerleader in life (rooting for my #1 in life, my sweet princess baby, sorry hubby you’re #2)
  • A Cook (sometimes healthy, sometimes covered in cheese, yummy)
  • A Baker (I bake for the smiles it brings to faces) (I really miss my last job’s Give a Child a Christmas bake sale)
  • A Dog Lover (2 Australian Shepherds who give me that dreaded I’m so sad if you don’t play with me while the baby naps look)
  • A Photographer (everything and anything, but usually it’s my baby and nature, with some food tossed in there)
  • A Slow Jogger (seriously, it gets easy over time, right!?! I do enjoy doing the fun 5k races and I even ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon with my hubby, he has since gone on to run triathlons)
  • A Veteran

The days are long, but the years go by fast and it’s my ambition in life to make them all count!

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